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John Opfer

John Opfer

Owner/Director of Proformance Sports Training


University at Buffalo 1997- 1998

Cleveland Indians spring / summer 1999 - Major League Baseball

Buffalo Bills 1999 - National Football League

University of Tennessee (1999-2001) NCAA

University at Buffalo (2001) - NCAA
*(Youngest Head Strength Coach in NCAA History)

Proformance Sports Training Founder/Owner (2002 - present)
Buffalo United SC strength & Conditioning (2003 - present)
University At Buffalo (football) speed coach (2008)
Buffalo State College (football) speed coach (2008)
Patented 2 product to improve an athletes biofeedback to hold speed mechanics of the drive and acceleration phase
Developed and produced specific workouts in following areas:
Speed Mechanics Drive phase, accel phase, and speed maitenance
Hockey dryland speed mechanics, and agility while stick handling
Soccer specific Speed with and without the ball
Baseball strength, speed, and rotational Power
Basketball strength, speed, and jumping ability
Tennis specific strength, agility, and hip speed
Football specific speed- specific for Wide Recievers the art of route running
Trainer to NFL, MLB, NCAA and Olympic Track Federation athletes
Has trained over 1,000 athletes ranging from elementary school students to elite professionals
Currently works with dozens of High schools athletic leagues and individual athletes
Successfully transformed many average athletes into All Stars

CSCS - National Strength and Conditioning Association The only certification recognized by the collegiate and Professional ranks in the area of Strength and Conditioning worldwide.

USA Track and Field Levels 1, 2 , 3 An elite certification demonstrating and expertise in the mechanics and application of speed training. 

USA Weightlifting Federation Sports Performance Certification - An advanced certification demonstrating both the knowledge and skill to teach proper technique and progression of the olympic lifts ( Power clean, Hang clean, and Squat )

One of 40 coaches to hold Masters level 5 Biomechanics and application in sprints with USA Track and Field and the IAAF Olympic governing body. This is the highest accreditation for a speed  coach to work at the Elite National and International Levels. 

Was mentored by Vince Anderson, the legendary Tennessee Track and field coach and trainer to 2004 Olympic Gold 100 meter champion, Justin Gatlin &  Bronze medalist Leonard Scott