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Our Staff

Mark Wallenhorst

Mark Wallenhorst

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mission Statement

Here at Proformance we focus on the little things that make the biggest difference to the long term goal. Every athlete wants to be better and here we design a program specifically for them based on their needs. Each athlete is different and has different strengths and weaknesses so we build a program to fit those needs. 

Experience and Background 

My love and passion for sports began as kid growing up. It began with an early love for downhill ski racing and competing at Nationals at the age of 12. Throughout playing 7 different sports at Saint Francis High School (soccer, football, lacrosse, swimming, indoor & outdoor track, and tennis) and 3 at the Collegiate Division 3 level (soccer, cross country, and tennis), I not only have experience playing them, but a direct understanding of what athletes need in those sports. The one aspect of sports that no one enjoys is injuries. After having my fair share of them, including three surgeries on my knees and one on my shoulder, I’ve learned not only how to rehabilitate them but to also help prevent them through resistance training. 

I graduated from D’Youville College with a B.S in Exercise and Sports Studies. Since graduating I spend my free time training for triathlons where I compete locally and for mountain climbing where this past summer I summited Mt. Rainier. 


Proformance is a training facility where there is a focused and positive energy about becoming a better athlete. We train athletes to strive for perfection and not just hustle to get through it. We hold our athletes accountable to the highest standard for them to achieve and find the best athlete in themselves.